B    E    A    T    A        W    O    L    N    I    E    W    I    C    Z   
Tough life, Strong women
The Horse Market
Day after the war
"Rathole" mining
Old age
These pictures were taken during the height of the conflict between Russia and Georgia over the disputed area of Ossetia in 2008. There was bombing from the Russians which caused many people to flee from their homes into Georgia. This border has been a big source of conflict over the last few years. When I travelled here I focused on the refugees leaving from Ossetia. These people had nowhere to go, and nowhere to sleep at night. In a big irony, when these people from Ossetia were given shelter, it was often in old Russian army barracks. I spoke with many of these people and being in the barracks made them very uncomfortable. But, it was better than being alone in the forests, where some of the refugees had spent up to 2 weeks, hiding from the Russians. I hope these pictures capture the pain and suffering of these refugees.

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