B    E    A    T    A        W    O    L    N    I    E    W    I    C    Z   
Tough life, Strong women
The Horse Market
Day after the war
"Rathole" mining
Old age
My photo essay is from the Skarszew Poland market. This horse market has been held every year for over 1200 years. It is one of the oldest and biggest horse markets in all of Europe. I wanted to convey the market from the horses's perspective. My mind was very much in the mind of the horses during my time there, as the horses were sold and traded and some might be killed for their meat. It was also very cold and a rough and tough environment and I hope this comes through also. It is important to know that a deal is only made when the men slap their hands 3 times. Many times they stop after 2 times. All the deals are made this way.

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