B    E    A    T    A        W    O    L    N    I    E    W    I    C    Z   
Beata Wolniewicz

Polish a photojournalist and documentary photographer, who has travelled to many countries including Georgia, Ghana, Izrael, Beirut, USA, Poland and many European countries. Her work focuses on people dealing with difficult situations. She has studied her craft at several National geographic programs lead by Tomasz Tomaszewski. She also studied at ST. Martin’s College of the arts in London to develop and broaden her artistic views. Beata’s work is very much about people and their reactions to troubling and difficult circumstances. She tries to capture the essence of their suffering in candid photos in real life situations. She is devoted to her craft and works hard to improve her photos all the time. She belongs to the Polish Press Association and The Royal Academy of Photographers.

In 2012, Beata was a finalist for reporting on the daily life of "Elenora" for Grand Press Photo, the most prestigous photo competition in Poland. Her photo's were part of an exhbit that traveleld all throughout Poland.

In 2014, she also won second prize for the PinkLady Food Photographer of The Year award and was exhibited at the Mall Gallery in central London.


Since moving to Washington DC, Beata has been working on several projects for The Washington Post, along with various freelance assignments.
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